Stockholder Communications with the Board of Lead Independent Director

Stockholders and other interested parties may write to the Chair of the Board, the lead independent director, or the entire Board and any of its members at CBRE Group, Inc., c/o Chad Doellinger, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, 2100 McKinney Avenue, Suite 1250, Dallas, Texas, 75201 or via email to The Board considers stockholder questions and comments to be important and endeavors to respond promptly and appropriately, even though the Board may not be able to respond to all stockholder inquiries directly.

The Board has developed a process to assist with managing inquiries and communications. The General Counsel will review any stockholder communications and will forward to the Chair of the Board, the Board or any of its members a summary and/or copies of any such correspondence that deals with the functions of the Board or committees thereof or that the General Counsel otherwise determines requires their attention. Certain circumstances may require that the Board depart from the procedures described above, such as the receipt of threatening letters or e-mails or voluminous inquiries with respect to the same subject matter.